Final Day in Montana 2011

Well, we’re home now. I’ve showered, emptied my suitcase, and even washed my clothes. Our delayed flight in Denver allowed us to spend 90 minutes more together. :-) It was a relaxing ending to the mission week. Frontier Air even gave us free tv for our trouble … an interesting treat after seven days unplugged…!

By the conclusion of Friday’s workday:

  • The bath house had sides, rafters, flushing toilets, and doors
  • The pump house had sides, a roof and a door
  • Our 3-star (?) shower tent was dismantled and the area cleaned
  • Special meal preparations for wild game steaks were complete
  • We concluded our nursing home ministry
  • The side of a trailer in town was painted
  • We even helped the local economy with a shopping venture to the trading post!

Our evening team meeting focused on debriefing the week’s events. When we began this journey last fall, we prayed for the Lord to work in and through us to ministry to the Crow Nation.  Yes, we wanted to physically work…and we did! We hoped also to learn more about the native American culture and how we could come alongside the church in their outreach to this community. Our debrief discussions gave witness to the abundant answers to these prayers.

Several key people on the reservation taught us about the Crow culture…

  • The Lord provided the opportunity to participate in one of their traditional activities: skinning lodgepole pines for teepees.
  • The Lord provided the opportunity to work at a homestead farther out in the wilderness and we learned the challenges of of their harsh winters.
  • The Lord provided Leslie to cook a traditional meal for us.
  • The Lord provided worksites where we learned Crow culture and construction skills!
  • The Lord provided and partnered us with the Spirit of Life Church. Pastor Kenneth is well known throughout the country as an honorable man of integrity who truly lives his life as a believer in Jesus. He and his wife are strong advocates for native Americans and for making disciples among the Crow people. I am grateful that CPC-supported missionary organization, Forward Edge International, continues their work with Pastor Kenneth. This is their 20th year in partnership.
  • The Lord provided Scott and Orlena Ballard as our FEI facilitators. Their preparations, organization, gracious attitudes, and hearts for the Lord blessed our team beyond what words can say!
The Lord showed us more than we could ever ask or imagine as He molded and transformed our short-term mission team. “You have a very unique community. You are truly blessed,” reflected Scott. The trust and love among our team testified to the presence of the Holy Spirit among us. He created a space where we undeniably experienced God. Indeed, we are truly blessed. Amen.
(July 2011)

About Sharon R Hoover

Serving the church for over twenty years in discipleship and mission ministries, I've walked alongside many people travelling and exploring the journey of faith. Add in my own crazy path and I hope my writing will offer glimpses of life worth sharing.
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