Philadelphia Mission 2010, Tuesday


Prayer. All of yesterday was bathed in prayer. We began our day with meditation on several scripture passages. Students shared how the Lord spoke to them through the Word. Psalm 16.11, Ephesians 1.18, John 15:5, and Psalm 27:4.

Morning work teams headed out to paint, clean and serve. Progress is evident at each site. Three of our teams served the Kingdom through prayer. Being led by the Spirit, we prayed with and for people we met in yards, walking on sidewalks, and even in a gas station. And the Lord showed up! One conversation led to the discovery of The Rock ministry, another to the loneliness of an elderly woman, another to the needs of the children in the city. We are being stretched tremendously as we listen for God’s voice and then respond. Offering to pray with “strangers” is a new and initially uncomfortable experience. We have much more to share about listening prayer when we return home! Please continue to hold the mission team in prayer as we reach out boldly.

Our afternoon children’s ministries ran smoother than yesterday. No thunderstorms, knowing the children, and getting a better feel for our neighborhoods all helped as we served. The students connected with the Philly children through kickback, frisbee, making prayer calendars, and sharing the gospel message through skits. One young teen girl made a commitment to Christ!! What an amazing blessing to be part of God’s plan as He ushered another precious child into His eternal Kingdom. Joy filled her eyes as she prayed. She does not have a Bible. One of our students will give her her own new Bible when we return this afternoon. PTL!!

After a delicious lasagna dinner, we headed out for our evening ministry. Twelve of our guys went to The Rock to encourage them in their ministry with teenage guys on Kensington Avenue. The rest of canvassed a nearby neighborhood for an open-air gathering. It was the first revival meeting for many on our short-term mission team! Our host church set up a mini-stage and Fender sound system. We walked through the neighborhood inviting families and praying for tonight’s ministry. Pastori Louis drew quite the crowd on the blocked street. We had music, prizes, popsicles, and the message of Jesus to share. Over a dozen people came to know Christ!

As I drifted off to sleep last night, my body with a few dozen more miles on it, my heart continued in the day’s attitude of prayer. Out of gratitude we serve. I continue to be blessed by the openness of our students and their willingness to step way out of their comfort zones. Peaceful, restful sleep followed. So be it.

(June 2010)


About Sharon R Hoover

Serving the church for over twenty years in discipleship and mission ministries, I've walked alongside many people travelling and exploring the journey of faith. Add in my own crazy path and I hope my writing will offer glimpses of life worth sharing.
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