Who to Help?

You are a student ministry pastor. You want to reach out to the youth in your community. Where to start??

The needs are abundant! Time is short. Through social media and other conversations, we learn about the joys and struggles in the lives of our students and their friends.

Early in my years of ministry, I found a list by youth leader Dave Flowers to help discern who to contact. I’ve adapted it over the years.

Questions to Ponder

Consider these questions to help guide who to call, text, facebook message, DM or meet …

  • Who is hurting right now?
  • Who do you need to follow-up a conversation?
  • Who accomplished something special this week?
  • Who is struggling spiritually, emotionally?
  • Who has a family member who is struggling?
  • Who can you congratulate on their progress?
  • Who have you not talked to in a long time?
  • Who has asked for your time?
  • Who needs to be confronted?
  • Who needs to be challenged to move forward?
  • Who needs to be encouraged?
  • Who needs to know Jesus?
  • Who is the Spirit placing on your heart?

The needs are indeed abundant. Who is the Lord prompting you to reach out to?

One More Thought to Ponder…

These questions actually apply to all of life.

Think through your family, friends, and neighbors … who can you help?

Posted by Sharon R. Hoover

Photo credit: Marc Wathieu via photo pin cc


About Sharon R Hoover

Serving the church for over twenty years in discipleship and mission ministries, I've walked alongside many people travelling and exploring the journey of faith. Add in my own crazy path and I hope my writing will offer glimpses of life worth sharing.
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4 Responses to Who to Help?

  1. What a wonderful list–almost overwhelming, though, which leads one back to asking God where He wants us at any particular time or place.

  2. This is a great list to use as a check list as I pray and before I leave for church. It immediately reminded me of people I need to call or send an encouraging note. I’ve printed it out. Thanks, Sharon.

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