Week Six (A): How to do a Verse Study of Mark 10:45

Welcome to Week Six in How To Study the Bible series! (To begin the series click here.)

As you explore Mark 10, you will…
1) learn how to do a verse study (Part A) and word study (Part B)

2) understand Greek and Hebrew words using concordances and lexicons

3) grasp Jesus’ role as the Servant Lord

Review of Week Five: Chapter Analyses of Mark 7 – 9

First, you learned how to do a chapter analysis. You created an outline, identified themes and key words, and marked passages for clarification. You discovered the value of commentaries and learned various online sources of study notes.

Second, you found that Mark 8 records a profound change in Jesus’ ministry. After hearing Jesus’ teaching and observing his miracles, the disciples speak of Jesus as the Messiah. Jesus begins to prepare his followers for his death and resurrction.

How to do a Verse Study

To understand the context of your verse for study, read the entire chapter in which it is included. Then…

1) Read your verse-for-study in several different translations.

2) Seek thorough understanding of the verse by posing questions. Look up answers with commentaries and Bible dictionaries.

3) Write a paraphrase of the verse. No grades or judgments here! Review your paraphrase. Does it convey the meaning of the passage?

4) Journal your thoughts and ways to apply the verse to your life.

Verse Study of Mark 10:45

Scholars point to Mark 10:45 as the key verse in the book of Mark. It summarizes Mark’s purpose for writing. It was the critical point for his Roman audience to understand in order to grasp the Good News of Jesus as the Messiah.

So, let’s study 10:45….

1) Read the entire chapter of Mark 10. Then read 10:45 in several translations. The NIV, KJV, and CEV translates main verb differently: serve, minister, to be a slave. hmm….more on this in the next post on doing a Word Study…

2) Questions that I asked and the answers I found in the various online resources include:

What does the “Son of Man” mean? It’s a name Jesus used to refer to himself; also found in the book of Daniel

Why is a “ransom” necessary? Dictionary.com defines ransom as “the redemption of a prisoner, slave, or kidnapped person, of captured goods, etc., for a price.” We are captives of sin and brokenness. Our most profound human need is to be delivered and gain freedom through the payment of the blood of the Messiah.

Isn’t God to be served? In Scripture, we observe that serving is typically done by slaves. This imagery Jesus gives is a huge contrast to the disciples’ expectations. Jesus was never about a privileged, self-serving life.

3) My paraphrase: Jesus walked among us not as royalty to be served nor owned like a slave…he willingly traded his earthly life for payment for our redemption.

4) Application for my life: May I so willingly serve others as Christ served! I need to be more aware of my own need for redemption/ransom payment…and to express my praise and gratitude to Christ!

Your Turn

1) Do a verse study of Mark 10:47.

When he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to shout, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”

2) Share your insights in the comments below or send me an email! It’s a huge blessing to learn from one another!

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Posted by Sharon R. Hoover

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5 Responses to Week Six (A): How to do a Verse Study of Mark 10:45

  1. Sheila says:

    love this, love what you wrote, “May I so willingly serve others as Christ served! I need to be more aware of my own need for redemption/ransom payment…and to express my praise and gratitude to Christ!” that is my prayer. There is so much packed in that one little verse.

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