Top 10 Posts of 2012

Top posts for 2012. Thanks for reading!

Top posts for 2012. Thanks for reading!

Another year of blogging has passed! This journal posts articles about the challenges of integrating faith into our life’s journey. It’s been my joy to share thoughts and connect with you over the past twelve months.

Thank you for reading and for responding. I look forward to continuing to explore ways to lead a more missional life … one fully fascinated by Jesus and seeking to apply his teachings moment by moment.

Top Posts for 2012

7 Simple Ways to Pray
Highlights seven different prompts to enrich your prayer life.

Who was the First Missionary?
Spotlights one of the first missionaries sent by Jesus. It might surprise you!

Bread in the Freezer
Returning from last year…humor continues to encourage!

How to Study the Bible
First post in my series on studying the Bible with online tools.

Is FOMO stealing your life?
Reflections on social media and how the worry about other people’s opinions steals our joy.

Time Management for the Rest of Us
Realistic plan to manage your time. Monthly, weekly and daily suggestions.

Contemplative Soul Series: Picture of Expectation
Living in expectation of God’s work is the first step toward a contemplative soul.

Are you a do-no-harm Christian?
A reserved, passive, “obedient” life cannot meet the needs of a hurting world

Is God at work in your shipwreck?
Amidst the chaos, God is most often able to work.

Lemonade Stand a Missional Plumb Line
This summer’s plumb line for faith and balance is the lemonade stand.

Thank you again for reading!

Posted by Sharon R. Hoover

Photo Credit: Grace Fell via photopin cc


About Sharon R Hoover

Serving the church for over twenty years in discipleship and mission ministries, I've walked alongside many people travelling and exploring the journey of faith. Add in my own crazy path and I hope my writing will offer glimpses of life worth sharing.
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