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How Microloans Change Lives

In September 2011, Pastor Rob gave cash in envelopes as part of the sermon. Rob challenged us to go out and use the money for God’s Kingdom. No more guidance or restrictions given. Combining our envelope money, our family received … Continue reading

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Shepherd for the Journey

In my longing to be more like Jesus, I’ve undertaken the study of his “I am” statements as recorded in the book of John. Jesus said “I am the good shepherd.” (John 10: 11) I am not a shepherd. My … Continue reading

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Who are you influencing? (Part II)

… continued from Who are you influencing? (Part I) Brutus took custody of the bleeding and beaten men. He thrust them into one of the inner cells. Fastened their feet in the stocks.  “We don’t need your kind around here. For … Continue reading

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Who are you influencing?

Life as a Roman guard had its perks.  They lived in the middle class working group, receiving pay and housing and some status. The guards took their job of protecting the community quite seriously.  They were responsible for people who … Continue reading

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Living Parable of the Carpenter

Living Parables blog shared a guest post from me. I’m delighted to connect with Cheri Cowell! Her writing truly brings biblical history to life in her book and workbooks. She also leads parable tours of the Holy Lands. Next trip … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Browser Bible Study Ready

You can turn your internet brower’s Bookmark Bar into a valuable partner for personal Bible Study. This easy navigation tool helps you avoid memorizing lengthy web addresses filled with bizarre combinations of characters…//:%.com/nsP4.php?=10!! Many online resources now exist to aid … Continue reading

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Is your faith at Work, too?

Ever thought of your work as worship?? We are called to serve Christ with all of our life. Living a missional life?? Here is a visual creation of such a life: Are you a trader? Your Turn How do you … Continue reading

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