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How to Resolve Conflicts

This photo makes my heart race… and I don’t even have a conflict with this lady in red! Conflicts are daily occurrences. Maybe not rising to the intensity of angry lady-in-red…but, they are never pleasant. Learning to resolve conflicts effectively … Continue reading

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How to Support Your Missionary — The Ultimate Guide

Today’s article is a guest post by Samuel Werner of the Missions Manual. Serving as a missionary, Sam interacts regularly with  supporters. Pause and read his words to learn the best ways to care for your missionaries. Share his words … Continue reading

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Connections from the Mission Field

The Missions Manual published a guest post from me today! Samuel John’s site is a community of missionaries sharing practical advise and encouragement. Being on a church staff for twenty years, many newsletters have crossed my desk. I’m delighted to … Continue reading

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Three Principles for Healthy Student Ministry Leadership

As I reflect on twenty years of student ministry, several principles that have helped me maintain a healthy ministry rise to the surface. But first… know that these principles emerge from an ongoing, intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus. It is … Continue reading

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The Best Fundraisers Ever

It’s that time! If you serve in a church where students raise funds for missions and conferences, conversations to plan the year’s events have likely started.  Fundraisers can become an effective part of your ministry’s path of discipleship. Leadership and community-building grow … Continue reading

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Beyond the Four Walls…and Borders

When the poor and needy search for water and there is none, and their tongues are parched from thirst, then I, the Lord, will answer them. I, the God of Israel, will never abandon them. (Isaiah 41:17, NLT) Scripture repeatedly … Continue reading

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Wanted: Influence for the Journey

CRACK! The gun explodes. Vivid memories of high school track remain with me…especially the 400 meter race. Coming out of the blocks and into the first 100 meters, I hardly had to think. Arms pumping, knees high, cheeks relaxed (both … Continue reading

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