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Party Time Now!

I recent came upon a compelling story… A family decided to splurge on a massive birthday party for their soon to be one-year-old child. They invited all their neighbors, friends from work, and family members. They cleaned, straightened, decorated and … Continue reading

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Is FOMO stealing your life?

As many as 70% of adults experience FOMO, according to marketing communications firm JWT. It’s a driving factor in purchases made, places visited, movies seen, and activities scheduled. So…what is FOMO? It’s the “fear of missing out.” In a recent … Continue reading

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The “Ask” can Transform Your Life

A simple way to transform your life is to … ask for help. An aura of arrogance hovers over people who never ask for help. They just push forward solo to accomplish tasks … large and small. They labor daily to … Continue reading

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Are you a risk-taker?

How much risk are you willing to take?? The heart-pounding, adrenaline rush of this video reminds me that I am NOT that much of a physical risk-taker! Some of you, however, may be contacting the nearest high-adventure outfitter with a … Continue reading

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How to be Effective in the Now

Does so much race through your mind … events to plan, people to meet, meetings to schedule, goals to manage that you are not able to enjoy this moment? Do the abundant (and good) opportunities pull at every corner of … Continue reading

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Who to Help?

You are a student ministry pastor. You want to reach out to the youth in your community. Where to start?? The needs are abundant! Time is short. Through social media and other conversations, we learn about the joys and struggles … Continue reading

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Lemonade Stand as Missional Plumb Line

I eyeballed the clock…time to go. A gentle afternoon breeze greeted me as I walked to the car. Hardly a cloud in the sky. Lovely. Not three blocks into my journey to the meeting, I spied a little table, two … Continue reading

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