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How Microloans Change Lives

In September 2011, Pastor Rob gave cash in envelopes as part of the sermon. Rob challenged us to go out and use the money for God’s Kingdom. No more guidance or restrictions given. Combining our envelope money, our family received … Continue reading

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How to Support Your Missionary — The Ultimate Guide

Today’s article is a guest post by Samuel Werner of the Missions Manual. Serving as a missionary, Sam interacts regularly with  supporters. Pause and read his words to learn the best ways to care for your missionaries. Share his words … Continue reading

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Connections from the Mission Field

The Missions Manual published a guest post from me today! Samuel John’s site is a community of missionaries sharing practical advise and encouragement. Being on a church staff for twenty years, many newsletters have crossed my desk. I’m delighted to … Continue reading

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Top 10 Posts of 2012

Another year of blogging has passed! This journal posts articles about the challenges of integrating faith into our life’s journey. It’s been my joy to share thoughts and connect with you over the past twelve months. Thank you for reading … Continue reading

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Should you give cash to a homeless person?

You move along a sidewalk in a busy city. You can see your breath with each exhale. A homeless man comes into view leaning back on the building ahead. Do you… a) Avert your eyes and keep walking? It’s as … Continue reading

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The Best Fundraisers Ever

It’s that time! If you serve in a church where students raise funds for missions and conferences, conversations to plan the year’s events have likely started.  Fundraisers can become an effective part of your ministry’s path of discipleship. Leadership and community-building grow … Continue reading

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No Longer Visitors

Our mission team emerged from the old, blue bus into the Village of Hope community. The hour-long drive from Lusaka had molded our body parts to one another as we lurched over speed humps large enough to reduce even the … Continue reading

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