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Who are you influencing? (Part II)

… continued from Who are you influencing? (Part I) Brutus took custody of the bleeding and beaten men. He thrust them into one of the inner cells. Fastened their feet in the stocks.  “We don’t need your kind around here. For … Continue reading

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Living Parable of the Carpenter

Living Parables blog shared a guest post from me. I’m delighted to connect with Cheri Cowell! Her writing truly brings biblical history to life in her book and workbooks. She also leads parable tours of the Holy Lands. Next trip … Continue reading

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How to Support Your Missionary — The Ultimate Guide

Today’s article is a guest post by Samuel Werner of the Missions Manual. Serving as a missionary, Sam interacts regularly with  supporters. Pause and read his words to learn the best ways to care for your missionaries. Share his words … Continue reading

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To Blog or Not to Blog?

Why blog? Many people have asked the purpose of blogging. Some would say that we are a society that will not stop talking. Opinions and comments and advise and rants abound. Guilty. As I consider the “to blog or not … Continue reading

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Top 10 Posts of 2012

Another year of blogging has passed! This journal posts articles about the challenges of integrating faith into our life’s journey. It’s been my joy to share thoughts and connect with you over the past twelve months. Thank you for reading … Continue reading

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Faith and Life in Novels

Integrating faith and life in novels … meet author Sharon Srock. Her debut novel, Callie, came out this Fall! Good reviews are already coming in! It’s an awesome read: genuine dialogue and believable plot with faith intricately woven throughout the novel. Check … Continue reading

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Creating an Album of the Soul

Hi. My name is Sharon. I am a pen addict. It’s true. I love pens. Levenger catalogs and their “tools for the serious reader” have been arriving in my mailbox for well over a decade. But then, may I also … Continue reading

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